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Mesocarp Fibre

What is Mesocarp Fibre

Palm Fruit length about 5cm and is in oval shape. It consists of yellowish red oily flesh mesocarp and single seed Palm Kernel Nut. At crude palm oil mill, palm fruit is cook under hot steam and pressed for oil extraction, with Mesocarp Fiber and Palm Kernel Nut as left over mass. The Mesocarp Fiber is then separated from Palm Kernel Nut by cyclone separator. Mesocarp fiber is an elongated cellulose with 30-50mm length.

Application of Mesocarp Fibre

Due to its porous nature, raw Mesocarp Fiber is used as biomass fuel for steam boiler. By replacing fossil fuel for steam generation, besides saving money, the host can earn Certified Emission Reductions (CER ) credit through Clean Development Mechanism(CDM) project.

As the palm oil extraction process does not involve any chemical, Mesocarp Fiber is natural and non-toxic. Mesocarp fiber can be mix with other material preferably with high nitrogen content to produce composted mass, which can be served as organic fertilizer and potting media. Due to its loose structure, composting time can be as short as 50days if the composting parameters are optimum.

With advanced technology, Mesocarp Fibre has been successfully turn into activated carbon through physiochemical activation process, which is used as adsorbent for dyes from aqueous solution

In other aspect, specific fiber length can be sorted to produce filler with consistent characteristic for reinforce composite.

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