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Moisture of Shredded EFB Fibre

Many biomass boilers have converted to use shredded EFB Fibre as one of the important biomass in Malaysia, however the moisture content for shredded EFB fibre is favourable as an important biomass for boiler? Let us reveal some of the situation here. What is the moisture for Shredded EFB Fibre? The moisture for EFB itself […]

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EFB Fibre has turn Useless to Useful

EFB Fibre? EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) is the by-product from crude palm oil mill which having low economic value before more application being developed. Currently the major application of EFB is extract the fibre for others industry. Before latest application being developed, converting EFB to compost is seems to be the only solution for most […]

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Oil Palm Fibre

What is Oil Palm Fibre Oil Palm¬†Fibre is the general term for the fibre being extracted from oil palm.¬† Palm oil fibre can be further classify into EFB fibre, shredded EFB fibre, oil palm fruit mesocarp fibre as well asoil palm trunk fibre, each category has their own property that serve for difference purpose. In […]

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