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Palm Kernel Shell

Palm Kernel Shell


Palm Kernel Shell

Palm Kernel Shell

Palm kernel nut which highly contain kernel oil will be cracked down to kernel and kernel shell.

The kernel will be extracted for kernel oil and kernel shell will be the by-product for this process.

Application of Palm Kernel Shell

Palm kernel shell has become one of the valueable commodity in palm oil industry, many usage or application has been developed.

Due to high calorific value of palm kernel shell, this commodity has been one of the key biomass material in order to replace fossil fule for steam power plant, however due to more and more study conducted, it value has been elevated.

Carbonize Palm Kernel Shell can be use as charcoal which can be pressed into bio-fuel briquette, these form of charcoal could be directly sell to consumer such for BBQ or family use.  We also seeing part of the carbonize Palm Kernel Shell also being processed into activated carbon which use in liquid and gaseous phase filtration or adsorption.

More advance study has carried out at university, the research reveal the advantage on palm kernel shell as partial replacement for coarse aggregate in asphalt concrete.

Chemical Composition of Palm Kernel Shell

Palm kernel shell can be considered as pellet form because of it nature form, due to it high grade solid, high calorific value, low ash and low sulfur content.
From biomass aspect, the calorific value 4100kcal/kg with moisture 26% and solid form has become one of the most favourable biomass media.  It always mix with EFB fibre n certain ratio to burn in the biomass boiler.

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