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Shredded EFB Fibre

Shredded EFB Fibre

Shredded EFB Fibre

Shredded EFB Fibre Hoong Chan Supply

Shredding process cut EFB into smaller and loose structure, which improve the volume-weight ratio. This enhance the bio-fuelcharacteristic.

Application fo Shredded EFB Fibre

Raw Shredded EFB can be use as solid fuel for steam boiler.

Due to its low chlorine content, shredded efb fiber is a safe and sustainable bio-fuel resource to replace petroleum and coal to produce bio-fuel briquette.

Shredded  fibre can be use to produce bio-oil through pyrolysis process.

Chemical Composition for Shredded EFB Fibre

The moisture for Shredded EFB fibre at the range of 40-50% relative humidity, it need to be further dry up at the biomass plant right before the burning process.

The calorific value for shredded EFB is 3600kcal/kg,

The fibre length of shredded EFB is at within 6-inch, and this size of length also suitable for biomass burning.

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