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Oil Palm and Palm Oil, What is the Differences

Oil palm is the general name term of Elais Guinensis palm tree. There are several country in the world planting oil palm tree, Malaysia is one of major country with oil palm plantation. Besides, Indonesia and Nigeria in Africa are another 2 major oil palm plantation.

Palm oil is the product that produces from oil palm fruit. Oil palm fruit which rich content of palm oil will process through crude palm oil mill in order to get crude palm oil. Crude palm oil will send to refinery to further process become palm oil that ready sending to consumer for cooking and other derivative products.

Malaysia government has deeply involves in oil palm and it derivative products. Oil palm plantation is one of the major agriculture activity, perhaps oil palm plantation area already existed rubber plantation and coconut plantation. Further more, Malaysia has become the major palm oil exporter that even exceed Indonesia who having larger plantation area.

Sabah state is having the largest oil palm estate in over all Malaysia. A substantial amount of rain forest from this state has been converted to oil palm estate. On the other hand, Pahang state is having the largest oil palm estate in peninsular Malaysia, and follow by Johor and Perak.

3 well known palm oil company, Gurthrie, Golden Hope and Sime Darby has agreed on a consolidation arrangement several years ago, currently above 3 companies have consolidated as Sime Darby group. With this consolidation, Sime Darby has inline with Felda, a Malaysia government own oil palm and palm oil corporate.

In short, oil palm is referring to the palm tree and palm oil is the product produce from oil palm.

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