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Palm Kernel Shell

Palm kernel shell that we are referring is palm kernel from oil palm fruit. As showed in the image, every oil palm fruit is consists of oil palm nut, and mesocarp (the meat). In palm oil industry, the crash shell without nut is referring to palm kernel shell.

At crude palm oil process, after the Cyclone Separation process, mesocarp fibre and oil palm nut will be separated. The oil palm nut will go through nut drying process and then later for nut cracking. Kernel will be separated for kernel oil process and the nut shell will become the palm kernel shell. Palm kernel shell will be pile up and store at open space.

Palm kernel shell can be considered as pellet form because of it nature form, due to it high grade solid, low ash and low sulphur content, palm kernel shell has been used as a burner for power plant. One of the most favorable used of palm kernel shell is to process become charcoal.

Further more, the burned palm kernel shell charcoal has other economy value too. Palm kernel shell charcoal has also been used as activated carbon for water purification, promote organic farming, and also and active agent for soil improvement.


Apart, we also read some articles that researcher already study to include palm kernel shell as a coarse aggregate in road binder courses with emphasis on strength of the asphalt concrete.


In short, researchers have put in afford to develop application for palm kernel shell, and we believe palm kernel shell be much more valuable from biomass aspect

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