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Oil Palm Fibre

Oil Palm Fibre

What is Oil Palm Fibre

Palm Fibre

Palm Fibre

Oil palm fibre is the general term for the fibre being extracted from oil palm.  Oil palm fibre can be further classify into EFB fibre, shredded EFB fibre,  oil palm fruit, mesocarp fibre as well as oil palm trunk fibre, each category has their own property that serve for difference purpose.  The empty fruit bunch EFB and mesocarp will gone through press, shredded, separated and dried process, and there are no involve or expose to any chemical.

More important, the oil palm fibre is clean, bio-degradable and non-toxin that could participate in many usages.

In crude palm oil mill, FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunch) is received and send for crude palm oil process.  After bunch sterilization process, palm oil bunch will go through a Fruit Detachment whereby threshing process applied in order to separate between sterilized palm fruit and EFB bunch (Empty Fruit Bunch).

Application of Oil Palm Fibre

Most of the oil palm fibre has been used as one of the biomass media. A selected portion of fibre size has been used to replace coconut fibre; that fibre could be use for fibre mattress, fibre board, cushion, rugs, carpets and rope manufacturing.

Part of the product could also used for environmental friendly project, such as landscaping, land erosion control, soil stabilization, acoustic control.

Ferments oil palm fibre is one of the important organic mulching fertilizer that widely used back for oil palm plantation.

EFB fibre is one of the major part of oil palm fibre.  Unprocessed EFB has used as a mulching material in order to detain moisture and provide nutrition to the land.

Many companies also have started to replace their fossil fuel by using Shredded EFB for biomass boiler combustion process; those companies experience cost saving for this change.

Oil Palm Fibre Supply

Data publihed by MPOB, there are total 17.86 million tonnes of crude palm oil produced in Malaysia in year 2009.  This data derived that there will be 100 million tonnes of EFB which could produce to become oil palm fibre.
In term of distribution, there will be 25 million tonnes of oil palm fibre in penninisular Malaysia and the remaining should fall at Sabah and sarawak.

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