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EFB Fibre

EFB Fibre

Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)

Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB)

Fresh Oil Palm Fruit Bunch (FFB) after went through steam heating is put under threshing process, which separate palm fruit from its bunch.

The bunch without fruit is  EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch)

Application of EFB Fibre

EFB that coming out from crude palm oil mill is at wet form.  Unprocess EFB has very little usage.  Some crude palm oil mill piling up the EFB for fermentation.  After being store for 120days, the fermented EFB will send back to oil palm estate as organic fertilizer.

EFB Fibre can be used as mulching material for land, to retain moisture and to provide nutrient as they decay.

EFB Fibre contain high carbon, which can be use as a clean component to produce composted organic fertilizer.

Fiber extracted from EFB, can be processed into mat form for soil erosion control, and as filler for reinforce composite.

EFB can be use to produce high porosity carbon and molecular sieve carbon for gas filtration application, which is an alternative to replace non-renewable source of petroleum and coal.

Chemical Composition of EFB Fibre

The orginate EFB from crude palm oil mill has very little economic value, but after press and shredded process, it could become biomass material.

Since the EFB will go through the press process, and majority of the oil residue will be pressed out.

After press and shredded process, the moisture content will be reduce to 40-50% relative humidity, and the calorific value for Shredded EFB fibre could reach 3600kcal/kg.

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