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Mesocarp Fibre

Mesocarp Fibre

Palm Fruit is pressed for oil extraction, with Mesocarp Fiber and Palm Kernel Nut as left over mass.

The Mesocarp Fiber is then separated from Palm Kernel Nut by cyclone separator.

Mesocarp fiber is an elongated cellulose with 30-50mm length which constitute 15.7% of FFB.

Application of Mesocarp Fibre

Mesocarp fibre has shorter fibre length than Shredded EFB fibre, perhaps it also finer and uniform in fibre size.

Apart for biomass material, mesocarp fibre can also be used in other application such as mattress fibre board, cushion and carpet.

Mesocarp fiber can be mix with other material with high nitrogen content to produce composted organic fertilizer.

Specific fiber length can be sorted to produce filler for reinforce composite.

Chemical Composition of Mesocarp Fibre

Mesocarp fibre contain less than 6% oil residue and calorific value at 19000kJ/kg.  It also contain of 2.2% Nitrogen.

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